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Protecting our communities

Protecting our communities

A paradox of the water industry is that while maintaining supplies is critical, occasionally the supply itself can be the problem. Rare weather events, seasonal changes, wind and even infrastructure failure can lead to natural water resources threatening the security of the very communities they serve. A side from the obvious damage flooding can cause, more subtle effects such as erosion must also be guarded against.

A further challenge is the need to actuate heavy loads presented by sluice gates or flood barriers quickly and dependably. Mitsubishi frequency inverters are so robust that they can handle overloads of up to 250 % for short periods, enabling fast response to rapidly changing water levels.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Aqua Control Pack helps to simplify facility development and reduce engineering overheads. Designed specifically for water industry applications, it saves both time and money. Despite its efficient standardization, Aqua Control Pack is also flexible enough to cater to the needs of customized applications.

The key components of the ACP package include

  • Engineering drawings for facility design (EPLAN)
  • Programmes for PLC, HMI and inverter hardware
  • Parameter settings for inverters and modems
  • Technical manuals
  • Quotation texts
  • Commissioning documentation

We provide cost saving solutions for:

  • Weir management
  • Pump control: Flexible pump control